Brand Identity

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In May 2019, a committee appointed by our principal, Robin Fecitt, gathered to discuss and reflect on the vision and mission of St. Joseph Catholic School. What emerged from that early summer meeting was not only a renewed conviction and purpose, but also an enhanced brand identity that reflects what St. Joseph Catholic School represents at its core. 


The logo design is expressed on the background of a traditional crest symbolizing authority and stability rooted in tradition.

Emerging from the top of the crest is a flame, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, who guides and trains us in wisdom and virtue.

The sign of the Cross overlays an icon of the open scriptures as a sign of our Savior Jesus Christ under whose governance and kingship we proudly serve.

The symbol of the open scriptures bears the divinely revealed truth of God’s word, the source to which we turn to learn of the truth, goodness and beauty of God who has revealed himself to us in Christ.

The colors selected for the logo indicates the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary (blue) and the kingship of Christ (gold).

Branding Guidelines

For a detailed overview of our visual brand identity, download our Branding Guidelines and Standards book below. All use of official school branding must follow the standards presented in the guidebook and approved by school administration. For questions, contact principal, Robin Fecitt at