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Summer Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   |   8:00am – 12:00pm   |   or by appointment

Closed July 1st-5th

AR Summer Reading Requirements

Accelerated Reader (AR) – Incoming 2nd – 8th Graders

It is required for students to test on books in their individual reading range and reach their grade-specific point goal over the summer. The individual reading range for your student was sent home prior to the end of school.

Students have until August 23 to complete their Summer Testing Requirements.

At Home Testing

  • June 3 – August 13
  • Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 8:00pm


At School Testing

  • Beginning the week of August 14th, students will test only at school. Students have until August 23 to complete Summer Testing Requirements.

2nd Grade: 2 points on individual reading level

3rd Grade: 3 points on individual reading level

4th Grade: 4 points on individual reading level

5th Grade: 5 points on individual reading level

6th Grade: 6 points on individual reading level

7th Grade: 7 points on individual reading level

8th Grade: 8 points on individual reading level

Middle School Summer Reading Requirements

Our summer reading program is designed to promote the love of reading while maintaining or advancing the student’s current reading level and cognitive skills.

Grades 6-8 (analyzing, evaluating, creating, and synthesizing)

As students transition from elementary school to middle school, they read increasingly complex texts and begin to analyze those texts through personal connections and relationships. Students recognize important textual passages and articulate connections as they quote texts. They choose responses based on given prompts such as “This character reminds me of…” or “I agree with this character’s decision because…”

Below you will find a list of engaging and well written stories that represent a variety of genres and book levels. Your student should choose ONE novel from their grade level list. We recommend each family research the suggested selections to help your student choose the book they would be most interested in reading. A website such as is helpful.

Choose ONE required book and complete a double-sided response journal.

Please choose a book that has not already been read. This is due on Monday, 8/19/24, and must be turned into your ELA teacher. An AR test must also be taken after reading the chosen book to help meet summer AR requirements.

Read the book and create a double-sided response journal. Use Microsoft Word to create a two-column table titled “Text Evidence” and “Literary Analysis.” This can be handwritten if there is no home access to a computer.

See the below example.

Divide your novel into four equal sections (beginning, middle, climax, end). (Ex. Your book has 200 pages….200/4=50. This example shows you should write a response about every 50 pages.) 

Choose one meaningful passage from each of the four sections of your novel. Complete
the text evidence section of the double-sided journal with a quote properly formatted in
MLA format and write your response on the other side (See the example above.)

Here are some sentence starters for the “Literary Analysis” sections. Use the following
examples only once so that you have a variety of four responses.

  • This passage is important because…
  • This passage reveals the character’s…
  • This passage reflects the main idea of the book…
  • Catholics can relate to this passage because…
  • This passage makes me feel (angry/sympathetic/confused/happy etc.) because…
  • This character reminds me of…
  • This character shows the quality of _______________ (choose a virtue-honesty, responsibility, faithfulness, love etc.) because…
  • The author uses the literary device of (imagery/symbolism/theme/irony/foreshadowing/figurative language etc.) to…
  • This setting is significant because…
  • I agree/disagree with this character’s decision because…


Include a cover page with your name, the book’s title, the book’s author, and pictures. Be creative and have fun!

Summer Sports Physical Clinic

Students trying out for a sports team are REQUIRED to have a sports physical on file BEFORE tryouts.  Ascension St. Vincent’s will be on campus Monday, June 3rd to provide complimentary sports physicals for incoming 4th-8th grade students.

Before you arrive


Physicals are not required to be notarized.

School Supply Lists

Deadline to order is July 1st.

School supply kits are available from 1st Day School Supply. They will be delivered to your house 1-2 weeks prior to the start of school. Large bulk items (i.e., paper towels) will be delivered to the school.

Clinic Forms

  • New students are required to turn in the School Health Entry Form (DH 3040) and Immunization Form (DH 680s). Both forms should be obtained from your physician.
  • These forms must be turned into the Front Office or via email to by August 7th.
  • Students entering Kindergarten and 7th Grade are required to have updated Immunization Form (DH 680s) from their physician.
  • Students not in compliance may not start school this fall.
  • This form must be turned into the Front Office or via email to by August 7th.
            Physical exam and application must be dated after June 1, 2024. Not required to be notarized.


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