Mission & Values

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To foster students’ growth in wisdom and virtue rooted in the truth of Christ and his church.

Mission Statement

Developing morally responsible students through participation in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church, academic excellence, and service to God and others.

What is Catholic education?

We believe the goal of Catholic education is to lead students to know, love and glorify God through the cultivation of wisdom and virtue rooted in truth, goodness and beauty. Moreover, we do not see the pursuit of knowledge as an end in itself, as Catholic education seeks to establish a personal encounter with Jesus Christ who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6) thus enabling his grace to influence and guide every student who he has uniquely loved and called into being.

Authentic Catholic education is mission-driven, not market-driven, as it seeks the same end for every student guided by the notion of vocation (a calling) which leads to union with Christ. To fully grasp the meaning of vocation, a child is taught to seek and answer two  fundamental questions: who am I and what am I made for? Without asking these questions, no subject in our curriculum would matter or be possible, as all that we learn and do is for the praise, honor and glory of God, Creator and Author of all. 

True learning, we believe, begins in awe and wonder as every child is introduced to the beauty and grandeur of God and creation, is taught to reject sin and pursue holiness in every aspect of his or her life. The answers to these questions establish the foundation of a child’s vocation and who they will become as disciples of Christ in the world. In close partnership with parents, we help to nurture every child’s vocation in the classroom and in the home so that they may properly discern God’s call. 

St. Joseph Catholic School is committed to this mission and strives to become a beacon through which the salvific mission of Christ is realized in the life of every young Catholic and their families. We hope to have you join us in this noble mission of leading young souls to Christ and we look forward to having you as part of our family. 

Our School Values

With fidelity to Christ and the magisterium of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. We boldly proclaim our Catholic identity without compromise.

We seek to provide a well-rounded education and formation in accordance with the truth of the Catholic faith tradition while always striving for moral excellence.

Fostering transparency through a spirit of collaboration with parents to assist in their sacred duty of educating their children with the goal of achieving well-formed Catholics and responsible citizens for our community and nation.