Safety Patrol

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Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol are student volunteers who help ensure the safety of our students as they exit and enter their vehicles for dismissal and arrival. These students also are expected to respect and honor our country’s flag. They participate in the raising, lowering, and folding of the flag. Safety Patrol students have the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. accompanied by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office during the beginning of summer. They visit the memorials, monuments, and museum. Their trip ends with a trip to Busch Gardens.

Meetings: Begin the 1st week of the school year.

Eligibility: Open to students in 5th grade who are recommended and approved by their teachers and the Principal. At the end of the year, students in 4th grade have the opportunity to “shadow” 5th grade Safety Patrols.

Enrollment Deadline: TBD

Leadership Opportunities: 6th grade Captains are selected.

Fee: A $15.00 membership fee will be charged to your FACTS account to cover equipment and incidental expenses

  1. Maintain satisfactory grades in all academic subjects as well as in conduct.
  2. Always obey the rules of Safety Patrol.
  3. Report to duty on time.
  4. Look, act, and be alert.
  5. Be dependable, courteous, and trustworthy.
  6. Make every effort to find a sub if you cannot work.
  7. Remind others of the Safety Patrol rules without being bossy.
  8. Always set a good example.

Patrol members will assist at morning drop-off points, assemblies, flag salutes, and afternoon pick-up points. Members must be willing to work where and when
they are needed.

Each patrol member must maintain satisfactory conduct and average to above average
academic grades. Students making Ds, Fs, unsatisfactory grades in specials classes, or an
unsatisfactory conduct grade, will receive a one-week suspension from patrol. If grades to not
improve, the student will be removed from safety patrol.

If a patrol member receives a detention from any teacher, he/she will receive a one-week
suspension from duty. Repeated suspensions from safety patrol for behavior, could result in

  1. Each patrol member will be issued his/her own belt. As a patrol member you are
    responsible for the care of your equipment. If you lose or damage your belt, you will be charged a replacement fee of $5.00.
  2. Members may report to their homeroom between 7:15AM and 7:25 AM All patrols MUST be at their post ready to work by 7:25 AM, unless otherwise instructed by a teacher or patrol captain. All working patrol members must remain on duty until dismissed by the captain or teacher in charge.
  3. Students working the afternoon will be dismissed from class at regular dismissal time. Parents should pick up at 3:15PM.

Merits are given out by the captains at the meetings for special recognition of a job well done. Teachers, captains, or another patrol members may award merits.

Demerits are given when a patrol member does not follow the rules. The following is a partial list of reasons for which you could receive a demerit:

• Being late continuously
• Repeatedly not having a badge or belt
• Excessive talking with friends/other patrols while working
• Failure to attempt to get a substitute
• Leaving your post without permission
• Being disrespectful to parents, teachers, students, other patrol members, or captains

Receiving a demerit, will result in a warning. The second demerit results in a one-day suspension from safety patrol. Repeated suspensions can lead to expulsion.

The Washington, D.C., trip is an optional educational field trip for only Safety Patrol members in
5th grade. The trip is sponsored by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Each year JSO sends hundreds of 5th graders along with officers, paramedics, and chaperones to our nation’s capital. The trip is scheduled through Educational Tours usually during the month of June. It is usually
the second or third week of June.

Contact Sponsor: Mrs. Sweat