K-8 Tuition & Fees

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Non-Refundable Fees

Kindergarten through 8th Grade: $225 per student (increase to  $325 after February 5 2024)


$8,900 per student

Scholarships Available

Step-Up for Students (FES-EO, FES-UA, and FTC) Scholarships

Families who are awarded any of these scholarships must provide a copy of their award letter from the scholarship granting organization to the school office before it will be reflected in the FACTS Tuition Management System.

*Scholarship funds are not given directly to the families; but rather, are deducted from the school tuition.

*Should any family need additional financial assistance to cover remaining tuition costs and fees, please contact the school office.

*If a family fails to meet qualifications at any point during the school year, the scholarship may be revoked.