K-8 Tuition & Fees

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Non-Refundable Fees

Kindergarten through 8th Grade: $225 per student (increase to  $300 after February 24)


$8,500 per student

Scholarships Available

St. Augustine Scholarship

To be eligible for the St. Augustine scholarship, a parent/guardian and their child(ren) must be baptized Catholics and registered parishioners of a Catholic Church in the Diocese of St. Augustine. For the scholarship, the household income must fall ABOVE the minimum guidelines listed below. Students enrolled in the free VPK program do not qualify under this scholarship.

The St. Augustine Scholarship is awarded $2,000 per student but cannot be applied to preschool programs.

To apply for this scholarship, click here to apply through our FACTS Grant and Aid portal. All applications will be verified by FACTS and by the school before the award will be granted. Please note you will receive an email confirming if you were awarded or denied the scholarship after all documentation has been collected and reviewed.

Returning Students: FACTS Grant and Aid Applications for the St. Augustine Scholarship must be received no later than March 3, 2023. Applications received after March 3, 2023, may not be considered.

New Families: Those who register/enroll after March 3, 2023 must apply within 30 days of receiving their admissions acceptance letter.

Number of Students

2 children

3 children

4 children

5 children

6 children

7 children

8 children

9 children

10 children

11 children

12 children

Annual Minimum Income






$174, 640






Step-Up for Students (FES-EO, FES-UA, and FTC) Scholarships

Families who are awarded any of these scholarships must provide a copy of their award letter from the scholarship granting organization to the school office before it will be reflected in the FACTS Tuition Management System.

*Only one scholarship may be applied to a student’s tuition.

*Scholarship funds are not given directly to the families; but rather, are deducted from the school tuition.

*Should any family need additional financial assistance to cover remaining tuition costs and fees, please contact the school office.

*If a family fails to meet qualifications at any point during the school year, the scholarship may be revoked.


5% discount given to those who pay in full by July 1st.

2% discount given to those who in full by August 1st.